A Clean Dog Is a Happy Dog

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Just like you, your dog feels happier when they're clean. To clear away the layers of dog park dirt and keep your pet feeling fresh, contact Bomb Dog Grooming today. We offer comprehensive dog bath services in Rochester, MN.

No matter the age or size of your dog, we'll make sure they have a safe, enjoyable dog bath. Contact Bomb Dog Grooming in Rochester, MN now to ask about our dog bath services. Don't forget to ask about our 15% discount for all veterans, EMTs, police officers and firefighters.

The right services for your dog

The right services for your dog

Bomb Dog Grooming offers a variety of bath services that we can tailor to your dog's needs. Each bath comes with shampooing, conditioning, nail trimming and gland expression work. Does your dog have a thick coat? Add deshedding services to keep the fur out of your home. Check out our dog bath rates below:

  • $20 Puppy bath, designed to help them become comfortable with the bathing process
  • $30 Small breed bath, designed for breeds like pugs and Jack Russell terriers
  • $35 medium breed baths, designed for breeds like bichon frisés and cocker spaniels
  • $40 large breed baths, designed for breeds like labs and basset hounds
Call 507-322-6202 today to learn more about our dog bath and deshedding services. We only use natural Envirogroom products on your dog. These products are biodegradable, nontoxic and gluten-free.